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   There were several Conferences planned during CMA.  Some included a single speaker, while some consisted of a single speaker.
   The Acadian Memorial in St. Martinville had a speaker just about every day during CMA.  Their schedule is reproduced at the bottom of this page.

    I have an online photo gallery of a couple of the events.

Sommet des femmes acadiennes
      Municipal Auditorium / Morgan City, Louisiane
      July 31, 1999
      A community gathering of Acadian women and their allies in French and in English.
      Round tables – Listening to each other ... sharing our lives, our dreams and our thinking with the entire world.  With some fun thrown in!

Lecture by Glen Conrad: 
     See Historian raps myth on Acadians 
     Acadian Memorial, St. Martinville 
     August 2, 1999

Lecture by Carl Brasseaux: 
     See Speaker takes mystery out of Cajun x-factor Cajun surnames 
     Acadian Memorial, St. Martinville 
     August 4, 1999

Genealogical Symposium
     Peltier Hall, NSU, Thibodaux, August 5, 1999
     The reception will be at 6 PM on August 4.
     The Symposium will be 9-5 on Thursday, Aug. 5.
     Speakers are expected to include:
        Stephen White, Carl Brasseaux, John Doucet, Gerald Brault, Don Hebert

"Genetics of the Acadian People" Public Forum
     Bulber Auditorium, McNeese University August 9, 1999
     The LSU Medical Center will be presenting this forum on Acadian genetics. 

Academic Conferences
     USL, Lafayette, August 10-13, 1999

The names in parentheses are the speakers.   They are mainly from 3 universities ... Moncton, USL, and Poitiers.  CMA told me that most of it will be in French.  It will be at the Bayou Bijoux Theater at USL.

Aug 10 - 9 am - Ouverture
                2 pm - Linguistique/Corpus (Ryon, Y. Cormier, Peronnet, Marquillo)
                    Soiree: Presentation of Les Acadiens: Odyssee d'un peuple
Aug 11 - 9 am - Histoire (Magord, Basque, Boucher, Brasseaux)
                2 pm - Ethnologie (Valiere, R.G. LeBlanc, B. LeBlanc, Ancelet)
                     Soiree: Performance de Champlain
Aug 12 - 9 am - Litterature (Bourque, G. LeBlanc, Allain, Cheramie, Teboul)
                2 pm - Ecologie Culturelle (Moreau, Louder, J.M. Cormier, Henry)
                5 pm - Lancement des livres de Perce-Neige (Debbie Clifton/Jean Arceneaux/Zachary Richard) et du dictionnaire acadien (Y. Cormier)
                      Soiree: Projection d'Evangeline
Aug 13 - 9 am - Linguistique/Ensiegnement (Ryon, Ancelet, Guidry, Marquillo, Peronnet)
                2 pm - Bilan
                5 pm - Reception

Conference : "French Immersion in Louisiana" 
     August 12, 1999

Events at the Acadian Memorial during CMA-LA, 1999
Unless noted, all activities were at the Acadian Memorial
Every day activities:
10 am - Guided tour (in French & English)
11 am - Mural character vignette (French or English)
4 pm - Guided tour (in French & English)

Monday, August 2, 1999
2 pm - Les Acadiens et la bonne terre: Professor Glen Conrad speaks on early Acadian landholding in Louisiana (English)
Tuesday, August 3, 1999
2 pm - Jean Francois speaks on The March, a novel about Louisiana Acadian Pierre Pitre and the War of 1812 (English with bilingual discussion)
Wednesday, August 4, 1999
2 pm - Ensemble Encore: Dr. Carl Brasseaux speaks on the online archive
7 pm - La Table Francaise: French sing-a-long
Thursday, August 5, 1999
2 pm - Eileen Chiasson Pendergast to speak on the Acadians of Prince Edward Island (French with bilingual discussion)
Friday, August 6, 1999
2 pm - Gregory Wood speaks on Acadians in Maryland
7 pm - OUTDOORS - Zydeco deVille concert by Sha-Me-Noo (bilingual cosponsor Golden Keys)
Saturday, August 7, 1999
Longfellow Evangeline State Commemorative Area, St. Martinville - 65th anniversary of Louisiana State Parks celebration
11 am - St. Martin Parish Library (on Porter St.) - Evangeline film reunion (English)
4 pm - St. Martin de Tours - Mass (English with French choir)
5:30 pm - Chorale Acadienne du Sudouest from Pubnico, Nova Scotia in concert (French)
6-9 pm - OUTDOORS - Belizaire of Paris to play traditional Cajun music (French)
9-12 pm - OUTDOORS - NIK-L Beer to play traditional swamp pop (English); sponsors Kiwanis/Lions/Jaycees
Sunday, August 8, 1999
Longfellow Evangeline State Commemorative Area: Traditions of the Teche
7:30 pm - St. Martin Square - Chariot parade; sponsor: Lioness Club
Monday, August 9, 1999
Nantes Day
2 pm - Vignette on Olivier Terrio, then Gerard Braud to speak on Acadians in Nantes (French)
6 pm - Maison Duchamp: Nantes Acadian Maryannick Braud in concert (French)
Tuesday, August 10, 1999
2 pm - Jane G. Bulliard to speak on the Wall of Names (English)
6 pm - Maison Duchamp: Cajun singer/songwriter Helen Boudreaux in concert (bilingual)
Wednesday, August 11, 1999
Bouctouche Day
10 am - Genealogist Stephen White to speak (English with bilingual discussion)
2 pm - Jean Clovis Colette to speak on the City of Bouctouche (bilingual)
3:30 pm - Mi'kmaq and Louisiana Native American presentation (English)
5:30 pm - OUTDOORS - La Petite Boucherie: Jr. Flores & Bayou Boys with guest fiddler Dominique Dupuis; sponsor: Jaycees
Thursday, August 12, 1999
10 am - Betty Boudreau Vaughn to speak on her novel I'll Buy You an Ox
2 pm - Dr. Neil Boucher to speak of the Acadians' return to the Maritimes
8 pm - Heymann Performing Arts Center, Lafayette - Acadian Memorial Fundraiser - Evangeline the Musical in concert by Jamie Wax
Friday, August 13, 1999
Grand Pre Day
2 pm - Dr. Barbara LeBlanc to speak on Grand Pre (bilingual)
7 pm - OUTDOORS - Zydeco de Ville: Sha-Me-Noo in a zydeco music concert (bilingual); sponsor: Golden Keys
Saturday, August 14, 1999
10 am - Main Street - Parade of Festivals
2 pm - Forum: Meet the Acadians / Rencontrez les Acadiens (bilingual)
4 pm - Maison Duchamp - Scenes from Maison Duchamp: a short play (English)
5 pm - Maison Duchamp - La Famille Duchamp: une saynete (French)
5 pm - OUTDOORS - Sha-Me-Noo in concert (bilingual)
8 pm - OUTDOORS - Magnolia Sisters in concert (French)
10 pm - St. Martin Square - Bells on the Square concert
10:30 pm - Tintamarre
11 pm - CMA French Closing Mass at St. Martin de Tours
12 am - Area Restaurants - Community Breakfast
12:30 - 2 am - OUTDOORS - Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Cha Band
Sunday, August 15, 1999
Fete Nationale des Acadiens
6:30 am - City Hall - Flag raising ceremony
7 am -5 pm - Open House
2 pm - Acadian author and politial leader Jean-Marie Nadeau to speak (French)

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