Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & HistoryCMA 2004 Schedule
Scheduled Programming
July 31 Opening ceremony & show Clare Ginette Arsenault
July 31-Aug.1 Forest family reunion Middleton Denis Forest
August 1  Thibodeau family reunion Grand-Pré René Thibodeau
August 1 Cormier family reunion Amherst Joe O'Byrne
August 1-2 Chiasson family reunion Cheticamp Éric Chiasson
August 1-5 Conferences Université Sainte-Anne Ginette Arsenault
August 2  Doucet family reunion Clare Glenda Doucet-Boudreau
August 2  Doiron family reunion Pomquet Alfred Benoît
August 2-5 Melanson family reunion Annapolis Royal/Port Royal Trish Fry
August 2-6 Girouard family reunion Port Royal, Grand Pré, Antigonish, Larry's River Bill Gerrior
August 3 - 4  Deveau family reunion Chéticamp Paul Angus Desveaux
August 3-4 Pellerin family reunion Larry's River Lisa Berthier
August 4 - 5  Aucoin family reunion Chéticamp  Daniel Aucoin
August 4-6 Boudreau family reunion Petit-de-Grat Josette Marchand
August 5-7 Guidry/Labine/Petitpas family reunion Clare, Lunenburg Martin Guidry
August 6 Moulaison family reunion Tusket Claire Moulairon-LeBlanc
August 6-7 Thériault family reunion Clare Yvonne Thériault-LeBlanc
August 6 - 8  Trahan, Léger family reunion Grand-Pré, Wolfville, Windsor Eric Trahan
August 7  D'Entremont, Muise, d'Éon and Cottreau family reunion Pubnico-Ouest Jean-Bernard d'Entremont
August 7 - 8 Mi-temps show Chéticamp Ginette Arsenault
August 7  Maillet family reunion Clare Vickie Maillet LeBlanc
August 7  Belliveau family reunion Clare Bernard Belliveau
August 7 Bourque/Bourg family reunion Tusket Barbara Pothier
August 7  Thibeau/Thibeault/Hubbard  family reunion Yarmouth Richard Hubbard
August 8 Amirault family reunion Pubnico Kathy Amirault-Bourque
August 8 Babineau/Granger family reunion Amherst Genevieve Babineau
August 8 Blanchard/Ulong/Frotten/Vacon family reunion Belleville RuthHurlbert
August 8 Cottreau family reunion Wedgeport Jeanne Cottreau
August 8 Pothier/Pottier/Corporon family reunion Tusket Charlene Pothier
August 9  Benoît family reunion Tracadie Alfred M. Benoît
August 9 Landry family reunion Windsor Richard Landry
August 9 - 10  Poirier family reunion Chéticamp Joseph-Henri Poirier
August 9-11 DeCoste family reunion Havre Boucher Evelyne DeCost
August 11 - 12  Robichaud family reunion Meteghan Kenneth Robichaud
August 11 Dugas family reunion Clare Émile Dugas
August 11-13 Broussard family reunion Pomquet Sheila Broussard
August 12 Mallet family reunion Baie Ste. Marie Jean-Pierre Mallet
August 12 Comeau family reunion Clare Denise Comeau-Desaultels
August 12-13 Levangie family reunion Tracadie, Antigonish Bob King
August 12-14 LeBreton, Préjean family reunion Hall's Harbour Mario LeBreton
August 13-14 Sommet des femmes (Women's Summit)
August 13-14 Bourgeois family reunion Amherst Marguerite Gagnon
August 13-14 Hébert family reunion Amherst Gord Hebert
August 13-14 Johnson/Jeansonne/Jeanson family reunion Coldbrook Alexandre Cyr
August 13 - 15  Richard family reunion Halifax Irene Schofield
August 13 - 15  Samson/Sampson family reunion Isle Madame Josette Marchand
August 14  LeBlanc family reunion Clare Hector LeBlanc
August 14 Saulnier family reunion Saulnierville Nadine Saulnier
August 14 Surette/Babin family reunion Tusket Teresa L. McEnaney
August 14-15 Allain family reunion Middleton Édouard Allain
August 15 Babineau/Granger family reunion Amherst Genevieve Babineau
August 15  Closing Show Halifax Ginette Arsenault
August 15  Official closing ceremony Grand-Pré Ginette Arsenault
August 15  Mass Grand-Pré Donna Doucet
Map of Nova Scotia area

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