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CAFA Meeting - Nov. 6, 1999; New Iberia, LA
   A meeting was held at the Recreation Center in New Iberia.  Approximately 140+ people were in attendance.  The following families had brief reports, including rough estimates of reunion attendance.
Arceneaux: 700
Babineaux-Granger: 700
Baudoin: 300+
Benoit: 250
Bertrand: 250-300
Blanchard: 500
Boudreaux: 1000
Bourg-Bourque: 600
Breaux: 500
Broussard: 1000+
Comeaux: 600-700
Cormier: 1000
Daigle: 600
Doucet: 450
Dupuis: 300
Gravois: 700
Guidry-Petitpas: 525
Guilbeaux: 600
Hebert: 1200
Landry: 1000+
LeBlanc: 3000
LeJeune-Young: 1100+
Mayet: 300+
Melancon: 500
Richard: 1000+
Rogers: 500
Roy: 400
Savoie: 500
Simon: 650+
Sonnier: 1000+
Thibodeaux: 500+
Trahan: 1000+
The focus of the meeting was on keeping the family organizations going.  Just as FAFA was organized to keep the Acadian family organizations in Canada functioning after CMA 1994, CAFA was organized prior to CMA 1999 to assist the Acadian family organizations in Louisiana.  About 3 dozen of the family associations are in CAFA.  It was decided (upon approval by the board) to charge annual dues of $100 per association.
   Two of the main ideas were to continue to have meetings (and perhaps additional reunions between CMAs) and to keep in touch with members (specifically using a newsletter). 
   Genealogy proved to be a popular topic at the reunions.  One of four breakout sessions in the afternoon encouraged the family organizations to deposit their data (GEDCOMs and books being the most usable formats) at libraries, specifically the Acadian Memorial library.
   A new building is going to be built at the Grand Pre Historic Site.  One of the rooms will be a Louisiana room.  We may be asked to contribute artifacts for display.
   Though it seemed some reunions were hoping just to break even, it seems that the reunions were financial successes all around.
   We didn't find out much about the upcoming CMA 2004.  An organizational meeting will be held in Dartmouth, NS on Nov. 19-20.  Eddie Richard will be attending.
   CAFA will be setting up a website (the link will appear on this page when it's complete).  Loubert Trahan brought it up at the finance session.  He offered to set up a small site for any family association that needed one (tentative cost: $50/yr).
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