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Vincent BROT, 40, wife Marie BOURG 26; Children: Marie 9, Antoine 5, Marguerite 3, Pierre 1; cattle 9, sheep 7. [1671 Census]
Basic Genealogy - Vincent & Marie and the succeeding 5 generations of descendants (with dates)
GÉNÉALOGIE BREAU BOOK --- Clarence T. Breaux and Robert Brault

   Although the proof of Acadian origins is sparse, some people thing that they have a connection to France with the BREAU family.  Maurice Caillebeau of Poitiers found a birth record of a Vincent BRO on 28 may 1629 in St-Jean de Sauves (near LaChaussee) in France.  Based on this, some people assumed that this Vincent and the Acadian Vincent were one and the same.  But Maurice later found a record dated 1675 where there is a Vincent and mother Marie Renaulme as witnesses to a marriage.

Genealogical Articles up to 1990(see the Article Index page for explanations of the abbreviations)
  Braud Genealogy                             AGE 4.2:49
  Braud, Alexandre; Children of               TLL 2.3:72
  Braud, Antoine                              AGE 15.3:77
  Braud, Argrave, Smith, Dupuy: At the Bluff  JAM 5.4:125
  Braud, Calice; Family of                    JAM 5.4:11
  Braud, Duval; Family of Carolyn Cambre and  JAM 6.2:41
  Braud, Elphege; Pamela Babin and            JAM 4.2:47
  Braud, Pierre-Paul: A Grand Old Man         JAM 4.4:117
  Braud, Pierre & Marguerite Gauterot/Gaudet; TLL 5.2:68
       Problem Solved
  Brault Ancestors in Acadia                  MEM 34.1:23
  Brault, Vincent; New Notes on               MEM 34.3:212
  Breau, Pierre; Family of Marg. Gautrot and  AGE 18.4:109
  Breaux/Brauds in Louisiana                  LGR 37.2:97
  Breaux/Brauds in Louisiana                  AGE 16.1:9
  Breaux/Brault                               AGE 15.2:50
  Breaux Breakthrough                         AGE 12.2:33
  Breaux Corrections                          TLL 8.1:34
  Breaux Family Profile                       MBL 2.3:33
  Breaux Family History                       HER 8.30:84
       (+ 8.31:164, 8.32:245, 9.33:4)
  Breaux's, Parentage of 2                    AGE 18.1:12
       (+ 18.4:109)
  Breaux, Alexis                              AGE 7.2:42
  Breaux, Sen. John; Genealogy of             AGE 17.4:106
  Breaux, Simon                               LBR 4.3:63
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