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   • A History of Nova Scotia, or Acadie (Murdoch) - Vol. 1   Vol. 2   Vol. 3
   • History of Nova Scotia (Allison) - Vol. 1   Vol. 2   Vol. 3
   • Acadia: missing links of a lost chapter in American history (Richard) - Vol. 1    Vol. 2
   • An Historical and Statistical Account of Nova Scotia (Haliburton)
   • The History of Acadia (Hannay)
   • Acadia: A Lost Chapter in American History (Smith)
   • Old Forts of Acadia (Bourinot)
   • The description and natural history of the coasts of North America (Denys)
   • Zigzag Journeys in Acadia and New France (Butterworth)
   • History of the County of Annapolis (Calnek)
   • Over the Border: Acadia, the Home of the "Evangeline" (Chase)
   • The Rivals of Acadia (Cheney)
   • In Acadia, The Acadians in Story and Song (Avery)
   • Zigzag Journeys in Acadia and New France (Butterworth)
   • Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society
     - Vol. 1: includes Col. John Winslow's 1755 Journal (p. 71) (scanned incorrectly, should have other content)
     - Vol. 4: includes Vetch papers, 1710-13 (p.11), Col. John Winslow's 1755 Journal (p. 113)
     - Vol. 7:
     - Vol. 9:
     - Vol. 11:
     - Vol. 14:
     - Vol. 16:
     - Vol. 18:
     - Vol. 20:
   • A List of Micmac Names of Places, Rivers, Etc. in Nova Scotia
   • Selections from the Public Documents of the Province of Nova Scotia (Akins)
   • Histoire de la Nouvelle-France (Lescarbot)
   • Acadian Legends and Lyrics (Eaton)
   • Une Colonie Feodale en Amerique (Rameau)
   • The Acadian Exiles: a Chronicle of the Land of Evangeline (Doughty)
   • History of Kings County (Eaton)
   • A History of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia (Patterson)
   • Place Names of the Province of Nova Scotia (Brown)
   • A History of the County of Pictou ( Patterson)
   • The Neutral French (Williams)
   • Nova Scotia: The Royal Charter of 1621 to Sir William Alexander (Fraser)
   • History of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, ... (Martin)
   • An Historical Sketch of the Acadians (Bible)
   • New France and New England (Fiske)
   • Pioneers of France in the New World (Parkman)
   • Voyages of Samuel de Champlain (Champlain)
   • History of Prince Edward Island (Campbell)
   • History of New Brunswick (Fisher)
   • History of New Brunswick (Hannay) - Vol. 1   Vol. 2

The Naval Chronicle
   • Remarkable voyages & shipwrecks

   • The Acadians of Madawaska, Maine (Collins, 1902)
   • Histoire du Madawaska (1920) French


   • Views of Louisiana (Brackenridge, 1817)
   • History of Louisiana (Pratz, 1758)

Early Canadiana Online

     Excellent resource with over 3000 publications online. There's a ton of material on Canada; some with Acadian content are:
Une colonie féodale en Amérique (l'Acadie, 1604-1710), by Edme Rameau
Voyage du sieur de Diéreville en Acadie, by N. Diereville
Lettre de M. l'abbé Le Guerne, missionaire de l'Acadie, by Francois LeGuerne
Voyages of Samuel de Champlain, by Samuel de Champlain
True stories of New England captives carried to Canada during the old French & Indian wars, by C. Alice Baker
The neutral French, or, The exiles of Nova Scotia, by Mrs. Williams
Through Evangeline's country, by Jeannette A. Grant
Over the border: Acadia, the home of "Evangeline", by Chase, Eliza B. (also here)
The rivals of Acadia : an old story of the New World, by Harriet V. Cheney
By the marshes of Minas, by Charles G.D. Roberts
History of King William's War, and the consequent negotiations between the French and Indians, in America
Banishment and removal of the Acadians, by Madame Morel de la Durantaye
The exile of the Acadians : the people of Longfellow's "Evangeline.", by Madame Morel de La Durantaye.
Heros of Canada : based upon "Stories of New France", by Miss Machar and T.G. Marquis; edited by T.G. Marquis.
Epistola ex Portu-regali in Acadia, by Pierre Biard
Histoire naturelle des peuples, des animaux, des arbres & plantes de l'Amerique septentrionale & de ses divers climats: avec une description exacte de la pêche des moluës, tant sur le Grand-Banc qu'à la coste, et de tout ce qui s'y pratique de plus particulier, &c., by Nicolas Denys.
Description geographique et historique des costes de l'Amerique septentrionale avec l'histoire naturelle du païs, by Nicolas Denys
Histoire de la Nouvelle France, by Marc Lescarbot
Histoire et description générale de la Nouvelle France: avec le journal historique d'un voyage fait par ordre du roi dans l'Amérique septentrionnale, by Pierre Francois Xavier Charlevoix
Journal of a voyage to North-America: undertaken by order of the French King : containing the geographical description and natural history of that country, particularly Canada, together with an account of the customs, characters, religion, manners and traditions of the original inhabitants, in a series of letters to the Duchess of Lesdiguieres, by Pierre Francois Xavier Charlevoix
Letters to the Dutchess of Lesdiguieres: giving an account of a voyage to Canada, and travels through that vast country, and Louisiana, to the Gulf of Mexico : undertaken by order of the present King of France, by Pierre Francois Xavier Charlevoix
Un pèlerinage au pays d'Evangéline by H.-R. Casgrain
Mémoires sur le Canada depuis 1749 jusqu'à 1760: en trois parties, with maps & images. Louis-Léonard Aumasson Courville
Collection de manuscrits contenant lettres, mémoires, et autres documents historiques relatifs à la Nouvelle-France: recueillis aux Archives de la province de Québec ou copiés à l'étranger ; mis en ordre et édités sous les auspices de la Législature de Québec, by Faucher de Saint-Maurice
A List of Micmac Names of Places, Rivers, Etc., in Nova Scotia by Elizabeth Frame
A General Description of Nova Scotia: Illustrated By a New and Correct Map (1823) by Thomas Chandler Haliburton and Walter Bromley
Through Evangeline's Country by Jeannette A. Grant
     • L'Acadie, or Seven Years' Explorations in British America (Alexander)
     • Letter of Abbe LeGuerne, Missionary to Acadia
     • Prince Edward Island (Macleod)
Memorials of the English and French Commmissaries Concerning the Limits of Nova Scotia or Acadia

Our Roots - Canada's Local Histories Online; viewable as images only (no text or PDF versions)

Acadia/Nova Scotia
   • A History of Nova Scotia (Murdoch) - Vol. 1   Vol. 2   Vol. 3
   • History of Nova Scotia (Allison) - Vol. 1    Vol. 2   Vol. 3
   • Acadia : missing links of a lost chapter in American history, by an Acadian. Volume I (Richard) - Vol. 1   Vol. 2
   • The history of Acadia : from its first discovery to its surrender to England by the treaty of Paris (Hannay)
   • Acadia : a lost chapter in American history (Smith)
   • A half-century of conflict (Parkman)
   • The Acadian exiles : a chronicle of the land of Evangeline (Doughty)
   • A history of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia (Patterson)
   • Memorial of the Anniversary of the Settlement of Truro by the British
   • Done at Grand Pré (Bird)
   • Rhode Island settlers on the French lands in Nova Scotia in 1760 and 1761 (Eaton)
   • The history of King's County (Eaton)
   • Les Acadiens de Minas (Dunn)
   • The History of Grand-Pré : the home of Longfellow's "Evangeline" (Herbin)
   • The religious life of Acadia (Chute/Boggs)
   • A history of the island of Cape Breton (Brown)
   • The Chignecto isthmus and its first settlers (Trueman)
   • The last siege of Louisburg (Macdonald)
   • A sketch of the Acadien occupation of the shores of the Basin of Minas : a guide for the tourists (Herbin/Longfellow)
   • Acadie and the Acadians (Roth)
   • Louisbourg : From its Foundation to its Fall, 1713-1758 (McLennan)
   • The origin and meaning of place names in Canada (Armstrong)
   • An historical and descriptive account of British America ; Vol. II. (Murray)
   • A History of the County of Antigonish, Nova Scotia (Rankin)
   • Acadia at the End of the Seventeenth Century : Letters, Journals and Memoirs of Joseph Robineau de Villebon (Webster)
   • Nova Scotia, a pictorial record : historical prints and illustrations of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, 1605-1878 (DeVolpi)
   • An historical sketch of the Acadians (Bible)
   • New England's outpost : Acadia before the conquest of Canada Brebner
   • Remarks on the French memorials concerning the limits of Acadia
   • History of the county of Annapolis, Nova Scotia : including Old Port Royal & Acadia Calnek
   • A geographical view of the district of Maine, including the history of Acadia, Penobscot river and bay (Whipple)

Prince Edward Island
   • The French Regime in Prince Edward Island (Harvey)
   • A history of Prince Edward Island : from its discovery in 1534 until the departure of Lieutenant-Governor Ready in A.D. 1831. (Warburton)
   • History of Prince Edward Island (Campbell)
   • The Story of Old Abeqweit: a Sketch of Prince Edward Island (Hart)
   • Early history of the Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island (MacMillan)
   • Un seconde Acadie (Casgrain) [French]
   • Histoire des Acadiens de l'Ile du Prince-Edouard (Blanchard) [French]

New Brunswick
   • The History of Miscou and Shippegan (Ganong) also
   • History of Sackville New Brunswick (Milner)
   • Ste. Croix (Dochet) island : a monograph (Ganong)
   • Champlain's Island : an expanded edition of Ste. Croix (Dochet) Island (Ganong)
   • A monograph of historic sites in the province of New Brunswick (Ganong)
   • The History of Caraquet and Pokemouche (Ganong)
   • A history of Shediac, New Brunswick (Webster)
   • History of New Brunswick. Volume 1 (Hannay)

   • The Quebec and Acadian Diaspora in North America (Savard/Breton)
   • The Saint Lawrence : its basin and border-lands : the story of their discovery, exploration and occupation (Dawson)


French Texts
   • Une fleur d'Acadie : un épisode du grand dérangement (Leger) [French]
   • Chez nos freres les Acadiens (Dubois) [French]
   • L' Acadie des ancêtres : avec la généalogie des premières familles acadiennes (Arsenault) [French]
   • Un pèlerinage au pays d'Évangeline (Casgrain) [French]
   • Éclaircissements sur la question acadienne (Casgrain) [French]
   • Brève histoire tragique du peuple acadien : son martyre et sa résurrection (Lauvriere) [French]
   • La tragédie d'un peuple : histoire du peuple acadien de ses origines à nos jours (Lauvriere) - Vol. 1   Vol. 2 [French]
   • Anthologie de textes littéraires acadiens : 1606-1975 [French]
   • Acadie : reconstitution d'un chapitre perdu de l'histoire d'Amérique (Richard) - Vol. 1   Vol. 2   Vol. 3 [French]
   • Les anciens missionnaires de l'Acadie devant l'histoire (Bourgeois) [French]
   • Les Français du sud-ouest de la Nouvelle Écosse : apôtre de la Baie Sainte-Marie et du cap de Sable, 1799-1844 (Dagnaud) [French]
   • Les anciens missionnaires de l'Acadie (Daigle) [French]
   • Les Acadiens des provinces maritimes : guide historique et touristique (Michaud) [French]
   • Histoire populaire de l'Acadie (Dupont) [French]
   • Nicolas Denys : sa vie et son oeuvre (Entremont) [French]
   • Les français au Canada et en Acadie (Gourmont) [French]
   • L' enseignement du français en Acadie (1604-1926) (Le Gresley) [French]
   • Histoire de la survivance Acadienne 1755-1935 (Bernard) [French]
   • Tableaux synoptiques de l'histoire de l'Acadie : fascicule spécial 1500-1760 (Le Jeune) [French]
   • Les Acadiens après leur dispersion (Casgrain) [French] - my translation

Making of America - Michigan, Cornell

   • The Acadian exiles, or French neutrals, in Pennsylvania. To which is appended A relation of their misfortunes (John Baptiste Galerm)
   • Proofs considered of the early settlement of Acadie by the Dutch (De Peyster & Watts)
Historical Collections of Louisiana and Florida (B.F. French), 1869

   • The Memories of Fifty Years (William Henry Sparks), 1872

   • Louisiana as it is (Daniel Dennett), 1876

   • History of Louisiana (Charles Gayerre), 1852

The Online Books Page - University of Pennsylvania


Acadia/Nova Scotia
   • Narrative and Critical History of America (Winsor, 1887)
   • Capt. Francis Champernowne,the Dutch Conquest of Acadie,and Other Historical Papers, ed. by Albert H. Hoyt (Boston,1889)
   • The Notary of Grand Pre (McLeod)
   • The English and French in North America, V. 5 - The Wars on the Seaboard
   • The Acadians in Georgia, from Georgia’s Landmarks, Memorials, and Legends
   • The History of South Carolina Under the Royal Government
   • The Acadian Fugitives, The New Brunswick Magazine, p. 34
   • Une Seconde Acadie (Casgrain, 1894)
   • The Acadians before their dispersion (Casgrain)
   • Historical Sketches of Andover, MA (Bailey)
   • The Acadians in Virginia (The Virginia magazine of history and biography)
   • The History of South Carolina Under the Royal Governmen (McCrady)
   • Report on the Canadian Archives, 1902
   • Report on the Canadian Archives, 1905
   • Report on the Canadian Archives, 1901
   • Report on the Canadian Archives, 1900
   • Report on the Canadian Archives, 1899
   • Report on the Canadian Archives, 1898
   • List of additional editions of the Report on the Canadian Archives
   • Report on the Canadian Archives, 1906
   • Evangeline and the Real Acadians (Atlantic Monthly, 1907)
   • A History of the Two Indies (Raynal, 1770)
   • The Journal of Captain William Pote, Jr. (Pote, Hurst, Morris, 1896)

   • A History of Louisiana (Fortier) - Vol. 1   Vol. 2  Vol. 3   Vol. 4
   • History of Louisiana (Gayarre) - Vol. 1   Vol. 2   Vol. 3
   • Historical Collections of Louisiana (French) - Vol. 1   Vol. 2
   • The Acadians of Louisiana and Their Dialect (Fortier)
   • The Creoles of Louisiana (Cable)
   • Bonaventure: A Prose Pastoral of Acadian Louisiana (Cable)
   • A geographical description of the state of Louisiana (Darby)
   • The Settlement of the German Coast of Louisiana and the Creoles of German Descent (Deiler)
   • Working the Field (Henry, LeMenestrel)

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