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     In 1765, Etienne Francois, duc de Choiseul Stainville settled some 78 families of Acadians on Belle-Isle-en-Mer.  Due to livestock epidemics, crop failure, drought, and local resistance the colony failed in 7 years and many Acadians moved back to St. Malo and Morlaix.  Some moved down to Nantes.  Still, a few stayed on and there are people today at the island with Acadian lineages. 
    One of the most notable events of this settlement was the set of declarations.  Brittany had them record their origin from France.  The pastors took down declarations whereby Acadians recorded their genealogy and history. The declarations have been published in the Reiders' The Acadians in France, V. II.
The 78 Families that attempted the settlement     [Names in BOLD made declarations]
Alexandre Aucoin (b. 1725) & Elisabeth Duon (b. 1743); Calastren, Bangor

Joseph Babin (b. 1735) & Marie LeBlanc (b. 1735); Loqueltas, Sauzon
Claude Joseph Billeray (b. 1727) & Brigitte Forest (b. 1729); Kervarigeon, Bangor
Felix Boudrot (b. 1742) & Marie Josephe Leblanc (b. 1729); Borderun, Sauzon
Felix Boudrot (b. 1742) & Anne Gertrude Terriot (b. 1745); Kerzo, Sauzon
Pierre Boudrot (b. 1736) & Anne Boudrot (b. 1730); Kernest, Bangor

Louis Courtin (b. 1730) & Marie Martin (widow of Charles Granger) (b. 1740); Triboutoux, Sauzon)

Honore Daigre (b. 1726) & Elisabeth Trahan (b. 1726); Chubiguer, Palais
Olivier Daigre (b. 1732) & Marie Blanche Leblanc (b. 1743); Chubiguer, Palais
Simon Pierre Daigre (b. 1735) & Marie Magdeleine Terriot (b. 1738); Kervellan, Sauzon
Jean Charles Daigre (b. 1740) & Marie Josephe Terriot (b. 1743); Kerzo, Sauzon
Paul Daigre (b. 1742) & Agathe LeBlanc (b. 1744); Chubiger, Sauzon
Miniat Daigre (b. 1742) & Marie Melanson (b. 1746); Cosquet, Locmaria
Pierre Deline (b. 1721) & Rosalie Bonniere; Kervarigeon, Bangor
Alexis Douaron (b. 1723) & Magdeleine Josephe Bourg; Borthéro, Locmaria
Jean Douaron (b. 1730) & Anne Thibaudeau (b. 1731); Borthéro, Locmaria
Pierre Doucet (b. 1739) & Marie Blanche Richard (b. 1746); Anvorte, Sauzon
Cyprien Duon (b. 1729) & Margueritte Landry (b. 1735); Calastren, Bangor
Honore Duon (b. 1737) & Anne Trahan (b. 1741); Marta, Bangor
Marie Joseph Dupuy (widow of Pierre Terriot) (b. 1721); Parlavan, Bangor
Marguerite Dupuy (widow of Claude Babin) (b. 1702); Kerlédan, Sauzon

Charles Gautrot (b. 1736) & Magdeleine Melanson (b. 1736); Cosquet, Locmaria
Abraham Gendre (b. 1725) & Marie Josephe Robicheau (b. 1717); Kerzo, Locmaria
Joseph Simon Granger (b. 1727) & Marie Josephe Terriot (b. 1730); Antoureau, Palais
Jean Baptiste Granger (b. 1729) & Marie Madeleine Terriot (b. 1732); Andrestol, Palais
Amand Granger (b. 1734) & Marguerite Marie Terriot (b. 1734); Borstang, Palais
Joseph Granger (b. 1732) & Elisabeth Terriot (b. 1736); Kergoyet, Palais
Mathurin Granger (b. 1740) & Marie Genevieve Terriot (b. 1742); Kergoyet, Palais
Charles Granger (b. 1738) & Marie Madeleine Daigre (b. 1735); Tinéué, Bangor
Jean Granger (b. 1740) & Marie Blanche Terriot (b. 1744); Bortémont, Bangor
Pierre Granger (b. 1743) & Marie Thibaudault (b. 1743); Bortémont, Bangor
Laurent Granger (b. 1741) & Marie Terriot (b. 1737); Lanno, Sauzon

Amable Hebert (b. 1746) & Marie Richard (b. 1741); Coty, Locmaria
Charles Hebert (b. 1731) & Marie LeCoq (b. 1733); Kervarigeon, Bangor
Jean Hebert (b. 1699) (living with brother-in-law Pierre Trahan); Borderhouat, Locmaria

Marie Landry (widow of Jean Terriot) (b. 1714); Bortémont, Bangor
Honore LeBlanc (widower) (b. 1710); Bordustard, Palais
Charles LeBlanc (b. 1734) & Anne Landry (b. 1739); Bordrouant, Bangor
Raymond LeBlanc (b. 1742) & Marie Terriot (b. 1740); Bordustard, Palais
Charles LeBlanc (b. 1718) & Elisabeth Thibaudeau (b. 1718); Kerourdé, Bangor
Simon LeBlanc (b. 1726) & Marie Trahan (b. 1723); Kerourdé, Bangor
Joseph LeBlanc (b. 1730) & Agnes (Anne) Hebert (b. 1740); Kerlédan, Sauzon
Alain LeBlanc (b. 1731) & Anne Babin (b. 1737); Kernest, Bangor
Jean Baptiste LeBlanc (b. 1726) & Marguerite Bellemere (b. 1735); Kernest, Bangor
Jean Baptiste LeBlanc (widower) (b. 1716); Loqueltas, Sauzon
Joseph LeBlanc (b. 1731) & Marie Hebert (b. 1736); Bernantec, Sauzon
Jean LeBlanc (b. 1703) & Francoise Blanchard (b. 1705); Bernantec, Sauzon
Pierre LeBlanc (b. 1734) & Francoise Trahan (b. 1737); Borderune, Sauzon
Claude LeBlanc (b. 1723) & Marie Marguerite Guedry (b. 1720); Borticado, Sauzon
Joseph LeBlanc (b. 1722) & Angelique Daigre (b. 1735); Kervau, Palais
Francoise LeBlanc (widow of Charles Granger) (b. 1716); Kernest, Bangor

Pierre Melanson (b. 1715) & Marie Magdeleine LeBlanc (b. 1720); Cosquet, Locmaria
Jean Melanson (widower) (b. 1710); Cosquet, Locmaria
Guillaume Montet (b. 1737) & Marie Vincent (b. 1746); Kervarigeon, Bangor
Joannes Adam Mosser (b. 1731) & Elisabeth Giesin (b. 1734); Bardenech, Bangor

Claude Pitre (b. 1700) & Magdeleine Darrois (b. 1715); Triboutoux, Sauzon
Joseph Poirier (b. 1719) & Ursule Renaud (b. 1721); Kerzo, Locmaria

Pierre Richard (b. 1710) & Francoise Daigre (b. 1730); Kerbellec, Palais
Joseph Ignace Richard (b. 1743) & Marguerite LeBlanc (b. 1744); Kérourdé, Bangor
Basile Richard (b. 1736) & Marie Granger (b. 1736); Bédex, Bangor
Marie Roze Rivet (widow of Rene Landry) (b. 1707); Bordustar; Palais

Emilien Segoillot (b. 1713) & Margueritte Naquin (b. 1726); Borbren, Locmaria

Jean Baptiste Terriot (b. 1740) & Marie Margueritte Granger (b. 1741); Cosquet, Locmaria
Jean Terriot (b. 1741) & Marguerite Granger (b. 1742); Bortémont, Bangor
Marie Anastasie Terriot (widow of Francois Thibaudeau) (b. 1718); Cosquet, Locmaria
John Tierney (b. 1740) & Magdeleine Pelagie Hebert (b. 1745); Kervarigeon, Bangor
Joseph Trahan (b. 1733) & Anne Granger (b. 1736); Kerguénolé, Bangor
Pierre Simon Trahan (b. 1735) & Marie Josephe Granger (b. 1738); Kerguénolé, Bangor
Chrysostome Trahan (b. 1740) & Anne Granger (b. 1743); Kerlan, Bangor
Pierre Trahan (b. 1696) (living with brother-in-law Jean Hebert); Borderhouat, Locmaria
Joachim Trahan (b. 1735) & Marie Duon (b. 1740); Magouric, Locmaria
Pierre Trahan (b. 1723) & Madeleine Vincent; Gouélan, Bangor
Jean Baptiste Trahan (b. 1734) & Madeleine Hebert (b. 1741); Borménahic, Locmaria
Silvain Trahan (b. 1724) & Ursule Darrois (b. 1714); Triboutoux, Sauzon
Simon Trahan (b. 1740) & Catherine Richard (b. 1747); Triboutoux, Sauzon
Pierre Trahan (b. 1757) & Marguerite Duon (b. 1741); Calastren, Bangor
Rene Trahan (widower) (b. 1734); Calastren, Bangor
Louis Trahan (b. 1734) & Marguerite LeBlanc (b. 1738); Borderun, Sauzon
Magdeleine Trahan (widow of Joseph Hebert) (b. 1700/04); Kervarigeon, Sauzon

Laurent Babin (m. Marie Francoise Carriere) also made a declaration.

     This parish register contains 38 pages.  It includes the directions for taking the declarations.  It contains declarations for the LeBlancs (Honore and Joseph (le Maigre)), three Daigre brothers (Honore, Olivier, Paul), the Grangers (Joseph Simon, Jean Baptiste, Armand, brothers Joseph & Mathurin, and Pierre Richard.  This made up 8 separate declarations.

     This parish register contains 26 rolls of paper.  It contains declarations for Pierre Trahan, Jean Hebert, Joseph Poirier, Abraham Gendre, Alexis & Jean Douaron (brothers), Emilien Segoilot, Anastasie Theriot (widow of Francois Thibodault), Jean Baptiste Theriot, Jean Melancon, and the family of the deceased Pierre Melancon.

     This parish register contains declarations for Louis Courtin, Claude Pitre, Silvestre & Simon Trahan (brothers), Laurent Granger, Simon Pierre Daigre, Jean Charles Daigre, Felix Boudrot, Louis Athanase Trahan, Felix Boudrot, Pierre LeBlanc, Jean LeBlanc, Joseph LeBlanc, Claude LeBlanc, Joseph LeBlanc, Alain LeBlanc, Marguerite Dupuis (widow of Claude Babin), Pierre Doucet, Jean Baptiste LeBlanc, and Joseph Babin.

     This parish register contains declarations for Charles & Simon LeBlanc (brothers), Jean Tiernay, Charles Hebert, Claude Joseph Billeray, Pierre Deline, Guillaume Montet, Jean & Pierre Granger (brothers), Jean Theriot, Marie Rose Rivet (widow of Rene Landry), Cyprien Duon, Alexandre Aucoin, Rene & Pierre Trahan (brothers), Pierre Trahan, Charles Granger, Jean Baptiste LeBlanc, Pierre Boudrot, Joseph & Simon Pierre Trahan (brothers), Chrysostome Trahan, Marie Josephe Dupuis (widow of deceased Pierre Theriot), Laurent Babin, and Adam Mauger.

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