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I've gathered together a number of newspaper and magazine articles related to the Acadian and Cajun people. Some are linked to their original sites.
Spanish arrive in 1767, construct fort below Vidalia, prepare for Acadians (part 1)
 • CMA Articles
    I've got a complete section on articles about CMA, specifically those written Aug. 1-15, 1999.
Third Acadian congress planned for 2004
Acadian site near Amherst needs protection  (foundation of Beaubassin homes)
Pre-Feasibility Assessment for Fort Lawrence
The French shore. (growth of Acadian culture in Clare, Nova Scotia)
Letter from Grand-Pre, N.S.: Sad Land of Broken Dreams: Acadians recall their deportation from Canada
Acadian culture losing its flavor with young
Contemporary Acadia(The 1998 Canadian Encyclopedia)
Acadia (The 1998 Canadian Encyclopedia)
An old British crime: Cajuns' belated counter-attack
Perrin's Petition: Redressing the British Expulsion of Acadians from Canada
Images of Acadia
On the trail of Evangeline and her people
Acadian Historical Village (The 1998 Canadian Encyclopedia)
French Acadians Settle Into The New World
Expelled from Nova Scotia, Acadians Head Southward
War Makes Heroes of Acadian Brothers
Ragged Bands of Acadians Settle In Louisiana
Acadians Prosper In La Nouvelle Acadie
Mouton Brothers Stake Claim in Vermilionville
Religious Faith Fuels Acadians' Expansion Efforts
20th Century Brings Problems And Prosperity
Lore of Evangeline still legendary in bayou country
Louisiana Acadians to hold gathering of the clans
Remembering Our Acadian Heritage
New Brunswick Reunion Celebrates Acadian Culture
A cultural jamboree: Acadians of the world celebrate their survival
French Lousiana. (French heritage shown in architectural design)
Vermilionville Name Thrives in Acadiana 
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