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Acadian-Cajun Atlas
   The "Acadian-Cajun Atlas" consists of over 100 maps (almost 200 images) related to the Acadians and Cajuns and the places they lived/traveled.   Smaller maps may be printed full-scale.  Maps are in B&W. Maps that are too large to fit on a page will be thumbnailed, and relevant portions enlarged. 
       Cost: $38 (+ s/h), softcover, 8 1/2 x 11" 

For sale HERE.

Acadian Church Records: Port LaJoye, Ile St. Jean, 1749-1758

Most of the Acadian church records have been transcribed and published.  Only one set of records has never before been published ... the Port LaJoye, Ile St. Jean records.  While the records go back to the 1720s, the 1750s are most important because of the great influx of Acadians escaping from the English.  This volume includes those records from 1749 to 1758 (I may do the earlier records at a later date).  You will also receive the web location for a page that will contain corrections and will allow you to post questions & answers on the records.
     Click here for more information on this book.

For sale HERE.

Cost: $35(+ S/H)  

Hébert Family Databook
     Everything about the first 150 years of Héberts ... this book is the printed version of the website.  Since many people aren't online, and others prefer to look at information in printed form, I put the complete Hébert Family Website into a book. 
     It contains everything about the Acadian Héberts of the 17th and 18th century, as well as additional info on Hébert who came to Louisiana.  Besides raw data, it contains a constructed genealogy of the 1st 6 generations in both Etienne & Antoine's lines.   Plus, I have included all my notes on the sources and references of the 1st 6 generations of Héberts.

For sale HERE.

Cost: $44 (+ S/H)

Video of the Genealogical Symposium at CMA, 1999 +
     On August 5, 1999, a Genealogical Symposium was held at Nicholls State University.  Based on the Acadian-Cajun people, it covered a variety of subjects, including resources, Acadians in Nantes, genetics, the Dictionnaire, and Acadians in Texas. 
     It comes in a hard case and includes a copy of the program for the symposium.
NOTE: I've also added Mr. White's presentation of the 1st Acadian in Louisiana to the tape.

Cost: $15 (+$5 S/H)

Symposium: 8/5/99
       Gerald Braud
       Carl Brasseaux
       John Doucet
       Stephen White
       Father Donald Hebert

St. Martinville: 8/11/99
Joseph de Goutin de Ville
   dit Stephen White

Fascimiles of the 1785 Ships Lists
     In 1785, seven ships brought 1600 Acadians to Louisiana.  Copies of the actual ship manifests are available.  Some ship lists are only one page long, while some are longer (up to 22 pages). 
    These make great items for framing and display ... a copy of your ancestor's listing on the ship that brought them to Louisiana. Don't know what ship they were on?  Check the online ship lists.
# Pages
(20# Bond)
(Art Paper)
Le Bon Papa
     $  5      $ 10
La Bergere
     $  2      $  4
Le Beaumont
     $  4      $  8
Le St. Remi
     $  4      $  8
     $10      $20
La Ville d'Arcangel
     $20      $40
La Caroline
     $  2      $  4
S/H: $5

Le Bon Papa - Page 1

     The fascimiles are available on 
20# white paper and on quality art paper.
Most copies are from 11x14" to 11x17", 
except for the Archangel (8.5x11").

  Map Fascimiles
     I am working on a series of fascimile copies of some of the best maps of Acadia, France, and Louisiana.  Some of the originals of these maps would sell for hundreds of dollars. 
     This allows you to purchase low-cost copies so you can see the locations inhabited by your ancestors.  The sizes range from 5"x7" to 11"x17".

Cost: See Below (+$5 S/H) 

Ortelius 1620 map of Poitou
#1579 -Poitou, France
1579, the location of some of the original Acadian settlers; also the location of a resettlement attempt in the 1770s
$ 12
#1620 -Poitou, France
by Ortelius
     This map shows the area of western France where many of the Acadians are thought to have originated during the decades just before they left for Acadia.  It also shows the places familiar to the exiled Acadians from 1775-1785, such as Nantes and Chatellerault.  Made circa 1620; 5x7"; color. $ 12
#1733 - Acadia
by Popple
   Acadia according to the British cartographer, Popple.  1733
$ 12
#1756 - Acadia
1756, survey map done by the English; it shows locations of some of the smaller settlements and plans for a couple of forts
$ 12
#1757 - Acadia
by Bellin
1757  $ 12
#1758sd - St. Dominque
$ 12
#1758m - Martinique
$ 12
#1760 - France
by Kitchin
circa 1760
$ 12
#1778 - Acadia and 
               New England
by Zatta
$ 12
#1779 - France
by Bonne
$ 12
#1767 - St. Malo
     This map shows the St. Malo area (circa 1767).  Titled "Plan of the City and Castles of St. Malo" it shows the port city that welcomed shiploads of Acadians after the 1758 exile. Color.
$ 12
#1793 - St. Malo area
    This map shows the St. Malo - St. Servan area circa 1793.
$ 12
#1794 - Nova Scotia
by Morse
$ 12
#1796 - Mississippi River
by Collet
  Louisiana portion of a map (1796) covering the length of the Mississippi River.
$ 12
#1823 - Louisiana
by Lucas
1823, Lucas
$ 12
#1836 - Louisiana
by Tanner
1836, includes an inset map of New Orleans
$ 12
#1879 - Louisiana 
$ 12


Acadian-Cajun Genealogy: Step by Step
     There are many good 'How-To' books on genealogy. But genealogy is a large field of study. Each nationality, culture, locality, etc. has its own particular types of information and research methods. Everyone knows of the recent popularity of things known as 'Cajun' ... food, music, and so on. The Cajun people are a rather distinct culture based in south Louisiana. And there are many 'displaced Cajuns' who have moved into other parts of the country.
     This book addresses the genealogy of the Cajun people in Louisiana. It also goes back, through the Exile of the mid 1700's, to the original Acadians in Canada. It will assist you in tracing your Acadian-Cajun ancestry back to the 1600's with as little trouble as possible. 
     Out of Pring - am working on an updated version

Acadian-Cajun Genealogical Periodical Article Index
     This book, produced in 1990, contains an index to over 5000 articles in 21 publications.  It covers the periodicals from their beginning to the present (or the end of their production)

Cost: $30 (+$4 S/H)       

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