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Acadian Flag

     The Acadian flag was established at the Second Acadian Convention in 1884 at Miscouche, Prince Edward Island.  Father Richard brought it with him. It is a French flag ... tricolor blue, white, and red ... with a gold star at the top left.  The star represents the Virgin Mary, patron saint of the Acadians.  It is used to represent Acadians worldwide.
"Cajun" Acadian Flag
     Commissioned by France-Amérique de la Louisiane Acadienne, Dr. Thomas Arceneaux, of USL, designed a similar flag in 1965 to in honor of the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Acadians in Louisiana.  It divides the 3 colors a bit differently (see image to the right).  On the flag are 3 symbols.  The gold castle on the red field represents the Spanish kingdom, who allowed and even assisted the Acadians in settling their new homeland.  The silver fleur-de-lis on the blue field represents their French heritage.  The gold star on the white background respresents the Virgin Mary, patron saint of the Acadians. 
     So this flag is identified with Acadians who migrated to Louisiana.  Louisiana made this flag the offical flag of the Acadiana area in 1974. 
New England Acadian Flag
    This design was circulated at CMA 2004, though it is unofficial. More »
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