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 Pre-Feasibility Assessment for Fort Lawrence
Nova Scotia - Economic Development
Amherst, September 6, 1995... The Fort Lawrence Heritage Association has hired
independent consultants ARA Consulting Group of Halifax, to undertake a pre-feasibility
assessment for the concept of an historical recreation of Fort Lawrence near the Nova
Scotia-New Brunswick border at Amherst. The $25,000 project will be funded by Tourism Nova
Scotia and the Fort Lawrence Heritage Association. 

The assessment will define issues for a reconstruction of the fort, such as the scope of the
project, estimated capital and operating cost, estimated visitation and economic impact. It will
also consider site selection and potential operating scenarios. The association would like to
maximize private sector entrepreneurial and investment opportunities while involving the
community and minimizing ongoing public sector support. 

The Fort Lawrence Heritage Association has been aggressively campaigning memberships, as
well as interest, in their project. To date, they have over 500 members. The goal of the
Association is to recreate the French-English colonial period of Nova Scotia and celebrate
Nova Scotian history, culture and art, particularly as it pertains to the border area. The proposed
reconstruction would be one of the first facilities to attract visitors as they enter the province. 

"It will investigate all appropriate avenues and tell us what potential exists", said Fort Lawrence
Heritage Association chair, Greg Sullivan, about the assessment. 

The ARA Consulting Group is expected to have a report ready by the middle of September,

For more information, please contact: 

Mary Jane Fumerton,
Economic Development and Tourism,
Phone: (902) 424-8921
Fax: (902) 424-7008 E-mail: