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The first Acadians to arrive in Louisiana consisted of 20 Acadians who came to New Orleans (via Mobile) from New York in 1764. The treaty between France and England had been signed the year earlier and Acadians had a chance at relocation. Over the next few years, almost 1500 Acadians found their way to Louisiana.  The  Acadians who arrived in 1785 are listed on the Seven Ships pages.  A few more arrived in later years.  The following pages should include all of the Acadian immigrants to Louisiana.  I've checked it against the Wall of Names at the Acadian Memorial and have tried to account for everyone. For those names that are in brown, I have questions about their relationship that I'm still working on.

  Page 1: Pierre ALLAIN <=> Agnes Marie DAIGLE
  Page 2: Pierre DAROIS <=> Pierre LAGRESSE
  Page 3: Pierre LAMBERT <=> Louis MOUTON
  Page 4: Salvador MOUTON <=> Pierre VINCENT

          1785 Seven Ships Passenger Lists
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