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Acadian-Cajun Family Trees CD-ROM

     The second Acadian genealogical CD-ROM has been released.  Yvon Cyr collected dozens of GEDCOMs that are primarily aimed at Acadian lineages.  The projects started out as a non-profit project, but is now a commerical enterprise by Progeny Software.. 
     The first CD was not Windows-based.  The disk contains the information as GEDCOMs.  It did have an interface to help you to find things, but the DOS-based program looks old compared to today's simplest programs.  But, the first CD had a number of other interesting files on Acadian material.  The second CD doesn't have much along those lines.
     The second CD does use a Windows format.  It contains a completely different set of GEDCOMs.  It's interface allows you to move around the program easier.  It also has a very good set of print options.  Here are the good points and bad points. 
    One thing to remember though, take the information for what it is.  It was compiled by people using a variety of sources ... from primary documentation to hearsay.  I'd only use the data if you can verify it with the source.  I found errors in 6 of the first 8 entries I looked at.  It can also be slow going.  Due to replication in the GEDCOMs, you  might find several dozen different entries for the same person.


   Much better interface (Windows-based) than the first CD.
   Allows you to print a variety of different reports and charts.
   Easy export of data into GEDCOM format.
   It allows you to specify the type of word processor you use
   It does have a bit of supplemental Acadian background information.


   Slow; a lot of the program seems CD-based.  They should have had an option to load the basic index onto your hard drive to speed up the basic search screen.
   The sources usually point to some files that only Yvon Cyr has.  You have to look through the notes to find possible sources.
   The notes, if they're longer than a few lines, will not display onscreen.  You have to do a printout to see all of the notes.
   It doesn't tell you which contributer submitted the material you are looking at, so you can't contact them about it if you have a question.  You have to go through Yvon.  My guess is that this'll mean more trouble for you, and a lot more work for Yvon.
   You can't zoom in or out on the ancestor and descendant screen views.

     So is it worth the cost?  I'd say so.  If you are serious about Acadian-Cajun genealogy then you need to have it in your software library.  It is not primary or secondary data, but it will probably help you to find those lines that have had you stuck.  If you had a name that doesn't appear in your lineage till you get back to 1700, you probably didn't speand a lot of time on it.  Well, that might be the focus of someone else's work.  But remember, don't change your data till you check their sources.

If you'd like to order a copy by email, use the form below. 
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Or, you can use their 800 number (800-565-0018).  Please make sure that you mention that you are ordering from the Acadian-Cajun.Com website.
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Price: $39.95 + $5 s/h [US]
$49.95 + $5 s/h [Canadian]

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